API Pumps

Grundfos Distributor

The Company was founded in 1976 as a supplier and installer of water pumps and associated equipment. The association with the world renowned Grundfos pump product range started in 1990, and A.P.I. Pumps KZN(Pty)Ltd have supplied, installed and serviced these products ever since.

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Durban and Richardsbay

We currently operate with three teams of qualified site installers/field servicing staff, as well as with a service, repair, fabrication and assembly workshop.

Our sales offices are located in Durban and Richardsbay.

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Circulator pumps for circulation of hot water in central and district heating systems.


Circulator pumps for circulation of cold water and other liquids in cooling and air-conditioning systems.


A wide range of pumps for the transfer of water, cooling lubricants and other liquids in industrial and process systems.


Vertical and horizontal, centrifugal pumps for groundwater supply, irrigation and groundwater lowering.


Submersible and dry installed pumps for groundwater supply, irrigation and groundwater lowering.


Submersible pumps, jet pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps and compact systems for water supply in homes...


Drainage, effluent and sewage pumps, for a wide range of applications in building services...


Purpose-built submersible pumps for remedial pumping of contaminated groundwater and for sampling quality analyses.


Dosing pumps, disinfection systems as well as measuring and control for wastewater treatment systems, swimming pools...


Renewable-energy based water supply systems suitable for remote locations not connected to the electricity supply grid.